The World Tallest Bridge – Millau in France.

The Millau bridge is located in France and the height of the bridge is 343 m. The world’s tallest cable bridge in the world. Designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster, the bridge appears to float on the clouds and the fact that it has seven pillars and also a roadway of 1.5 miles in length. It got an outstanding structure award in 2006 by the International Association for bridge and structural. The Millau bridge is completely capitalizing on about 394 million euros. The bridge construction started in the year 2001 and opens on December 2004. Construction is by Afar’s group of civil engineering and steel construction. 

The construction details of the Millau Bridge:

The basis of the piers for each hole is dug four to five meters in diameter. It is from 12 to 18 meters deep.

Carriage panel for the set to stand on ice set in the pits. The cast bearing panel can be up to six meters thick covers with the earth because of the bridge blends for a suitable environment.

The pier gets cast in two lines of the substructure and is installs one on the outside which rises at the same rate as per the pier four-meter at a time using the hold-up rails and jack.

The other side is gradually using the crane. The crane extends upwards at the same rate and the tallest which reaches a height of 264 meters.


At the same time between each of the Pierre rows of piles act as a sort of temporary metal anchor to hold up the bridge floor. It’s being put in place.

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More details:

The next platform contains in to gather the bridge floor and the total length of the bridge floor is about twenty-seven point four meters next one of the anchoring towers installs on this bridge floor section fits with temporary stay cables it employs to help the first-floor section into the piers and temporary piles. 

The most delicate and the most spectacular part of the operation is to positioning the bridge floor by timed shifting at a rate of nine meters per hour every four weeks 171 meters of bridge floor shifts.

The pier’s subjects are to little horizontal stress as possible the synchronization. The perfect shift controls by the central computer.

The two ends fit the nearest centimeter. The steel 1/2 decks are welds 268 meters above the town. The cable tower assembles down by the river is place up there welds on the top of the pier. They place the stay rope, the stresses are evenly given out the temporary rows of piles. 


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