What is green concrete? What is suitable for green concrete?

Green concrete is environmentally friendly concrete. It uses less energy in its production and manufacture, not much Carbon Dioxide than the usual is called green concrete. It invented by Dr. WG in Denmark in the year 1998. The utilization of fly as a part of the replacement of cement or as a mineral combination in saves or cement and hence the discharge of carbon dioxide. The design and manufacture of it should follow less, reuse and recycle techniques.

The common material used to manufacture it is Recycled demolition waste aggregate, Recycle concrete aggregate, Blast furnace slag, Recycled glass aggregate, and Flay ash. The cutting of carbon dioxide is also being used to reduce the use of natural resources like limestone, natural river sand, natural rocks, and many more. The utilize wastes formed during the production of other materials. It currently gets employ in the construction of bridges, columns, dams, etc.


Suitability of green concrete:

  • The dead loads of construction reduce.
  • Reduces the craneage load, allow lifting pliability with lightweight and handling, 
  • The reduction of the discharge of carbon dioxide is by 30%.
  • An enlarge in production uses waste results by 20%. 
  • Good melting and fire opposition.
  • Sound protection than traditional. 
  • Improve the damping resistance of the building.
  • No environmental contaminates.
  • Demonstrable development.
  • It requires less elimination and repairs. 
  • The shortening power behavior of it with the water-cement ratio is more than that of normal concrete.
  • The flexural strength of it is almost the same as standard. 
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  1. Optimized blend design means easier handling.
  2. Better stability.
  3. Easier finishing. 
  4. Depletion in deduction and crawl. 
  5. It uses local and recycled material.
  6. The heat of drought is professionally lower than the conventional . 

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