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Water Pollution – Types, causes, effects, and steps.

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Water Pollution is the pollute of water bodies like lakes, oceans, groundwater, and many more because it affects the biosphere like plants and organisms living. Pollution occurs when the pollutants are straight or accidentally released into the water bodies. Sufficient treatment to take out the dangerous components. 

The city leads to a wastewater treatment plant where the wastewater gets turned back into water that can drink. 

Types of Water Pollution:

Point source pollution

It comes from a location like a release pipe attached to the plant. The discharge includes the oil spill, discharge from the industry, flowing of oil from the car, down a drain. 

Non-point source pollution 

It comes from many different ways like precipitation, drainage, water conversion, garbage, etc.


  1. Dumping of industrial waste into the water bodies. 
  2. Fertilizers and pesticides when apply to crops runoff into rivers and streams. 
  3. Human activities like mining, deforestation and generating power also leads to the pollution. 
  4. Oil spills. 
  5. Domestic sewage.
  6. Testing of nuclear weapons.


There are many causes of water pollution. The whole water is getting polluted through many sources like industrial, agriculture, urban runoff, sedimentary, animal waste, leaching, and other human activities. These dangerous chemicals mix in the water and make it unsafe for living bodies. 

Effects of Water Pollution:

  1. It contaminates water bodies. 
  2. It affects all eco-system.
  3. Leads to many diseases.
  4. More than 1,400 people die every year because of water contamination. 
  5. Damages the aquatic eco-system.
  6. Reduce available drinking water.
  7. Diseases like Malaria and Cholera spreads. 
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Water Pollution is the principal matter because it is affecting human lives in many ways. It causes harm to humans, animals, trees and the other constituents of the environment. It has been a problem for a very long time. 

Steps to reduce Water Pollution:

  1. Prevent groundwater contamination.
  2. Do afforestation.
  3. Reduce air contamination.
  4. Follow reduce, recycle and reuse.
  5. Safe disposal of human excreta.
  6. The usage of plastic items should be decreased. 
  7. Use eco-friendly products.
  8. Purify the industrial waste.

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