The Breakwater technology – Accropode

Accropode is the strength block that is made by man. It uses to protect the construction from the smallest to the largest in almost all the seas around the universe.

What is Concrete Layer Innovation in Accropode?

Concrete Layer Innovations (CLI) are single layer skills that have proved their constant in the face to stories with show brands in the port market. A settler in single layer technology used for more than 300 projects over the last 30 years. CLI proposes solutions and shares its in-depth knowledge of the construction of remains heap breakwaters. But, the different methods and equipment in addition to carrying out research and development studies.

CLI is willing to share this in-depth knowledge as required through its committed team of highly experienced technicians and engineers. Global warming is creating a significant local disturbance, that may endanger structures close to the sea as well as local residents. Users making the performance of protection structures a critical issue. However, the safely provide the technologies which means that the future may be faced with serenity. 


CLI single layer organization is build of exhaust solid armor units. Because of plans for the protection of exposing the coastal structures. Their merge qualities make compound which is as good as normal dual coating structure and at the schedule cost beneficial. It has many years of experience of successful applications on over 300 different kinds of projects in the world. 

More information about CLI

In a world where everything is getting faster and where immediate responsiveness is becoming the norm in professional relationships. CLI proposes a dedicated team of specialists and engineers. They are able to provide valuable advice and training at the preliminary and complete design tender mobilization construction and post-construction stages.

Their combined experience of large scale projects is the key to expect problems in advance. Thereby offering and how they can be stoped. They are the only team in the world with so many years of experience in construction sites, laboratory testing, and professional plan activities on a daily basis, a view to optimizing a project. CLI  proposes and advice on the use of the latest technologies and methodologies in relation to artificial units. Installing assistance systems placing equipment on-site training video, conference training, and post-instruction resources, services, and assistance. 


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