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Measure- The Amazing mobile app by Google.

Use your phone like a tape measure.

Measure is the mobile app that helps to take the length and height of an object on a flat surface. This app created by Google LLC. In this article, we discuss the uses and the details of this application. Read this article fully to know more details about this mobile app.

Measure The Amazing mobile app by Google
Measure- The Amazing mobile app by Google


Firstly we use measuring tape to measure any object, distance, height, room area, and land area, etc. But now technology got develop so much. Nowadays no need for any measuring tape. You can use your smartphone like measure tape.

Google introduces an amazing app called “Measure”.This app helps you to make quick can measure your house or office. Also, you can measure objects like the length and height of tables, chairs, doors, and windows, etc.


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About Measure Mobile App

By using this measuring app you can measure the length and height of any objects .you can measure the objects like tables, chair, room size, room height, doors, windows, the height of the cupboard, etc. Also, you can measure the size of the rug, the width of the sofa, and the height of the table.

You can also switch between the imperial and the metric units. Just focus on the object in which you want to make the measurement and set the units you will get the exact accurate measurement of that focused object. This helps to save your work time and it is very easy to use. This app is useful for civil engineers, Architects, and Interior designers. Also, this application is useful for people who need to measure objects like tables, chairs, etc.

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Another benefit of this app is you can take a photo of your measurement. It will be useful for you to note your measurements. Also, you can copy the measurements in the clipboard. What you need to do is, Just move your phone around the space to find the flat surface such as a tabletop or the floor. And then point and tap to start your measurement, also adjust it accordingly. when finished tap on get a quick reference to unit conversion, copy and delete function. You can download this wonderful app on the Google play store. Just click this Download Now hyperlink text.

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