Civil engineer

Major Responsibilities of Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is the creation of planning, designing and managing the different types of building projects their responsibility for computer drawing place in front of a work station and make a real building of the project like a bridge, apartment, hotel, residence apartment, airport, house, school, etc. An engineer creates the best team to complete the project work within time.

Civil engineer’s main aims to meet the satisfaction of clients or builders, including technical guidelines.

Maintain effective working relationships with authorities and resolve the design issues with the architect.

Duties and Responsibilities

Experience of calculating Bill, tender document preparation, tender assessments and recommendations.

To control the work team and leading the labor of construction work.

Provide advice about design issues related to technical guidelines to builders and architects.

Keep your team members with coordinated and project managers, also maintain record of meeting attendance, approval work orders and informed of workload and deadlines to the builder.

Besides, provide all relevant training and work development activities as required.

Provide regular project site work updates to the client because it relates to progress, construction issues, and financial track.

Inspect or visit regular sites to ensure the quality of work before making a report.

Ensure that construction work follows by architect drawing afterward to check if it is done or not.

Ensure that work is done under time and budget which is mention in the project report and deliver projects in a timely within budget and get high levels of client satisfaction.


Essential Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong ability and skill because it is requires in solving the problem.
  • Ability to team leading.
  • Strong mathematic foundation and calculation.
  • The attitude of learning a skill and develop knowledge and innovative construction techniques.
  • Ability to make a report to seek assistance from technical solutions and speed of problem-solving abilities.
  • Have general computer knowledge programs such as MS Excel, Word, Autocad, STAD PRO, E-tabs, Revit, etc.
  • Relevant qualification Bachelor of Civil Engineering by Govt and Pvt College.
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This is the main important essential skills and quality should have in civil engineer for help to complete the project in a short time with quality work.


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