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Landscape architects advise on the plan and design of the construction of public urban residential and rural land. They also assist in the management and conservation of natural or heritage land and public open spaces. When they plan and design outside areas for parks, recreational areas, private homes, and business parks. They ensure that these areas are not functional but beautiful and harmonious. They ensure that the design provides environmental benefits as well. 

Landscape architects are often part of the architectural team that plans the locations of walkways, buildings, gardens, and roadways within these environments. The landscape Arctic meets with the client to discuss their requirements and the proposed use of the space. They survey the site they take into account aspects such as existing plant and animal life as well as natural contours. Depending on the areas an environmental impact assessment might be required. 

Parc de Bercy

When working on the new project’s scenery architects use drafting or CAD software to prepare models of their proposed work. They sometimes use graphic information systems which allows them to show data visually as maps, charts, and reports. They present these models as well as a projected budget to clients for feedback and approval. A contract for the work is drawn up and they procure the service of relevant contractors. 


The Landscape Architects monitors:

The signs of progress of the project and ensure that the work meets the required standards. Landscape Architects work close collaboration with land gardeners and other professionals such as architects, civil engineers, surveyors, town planners and at times environmental campaigners. 

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Landscape Architects to not only work on new projects they may focus on preserving and restoring historic land. They may plan the restoration of areas distributed by humans such as minded areas as well as wetlands and streams managed by human activity. They also prepare environmental impact assessments for proposed construction areas in highly urbanized areas. The design green roofs or roof-top gardens. These retain stormwater absorbs air pollution and cool buildings while also providing pleasant scenery. Landscape Architects also create plans to manage stormwater runoff to conserve water resources by avoiding polluting waterways. 


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