Know the History of Statue of Liberty and it’s construction.

In New York, there is a statue that is changeable with democracy known as the Statue of Liberty. One of the world’s most noticeable mark and a sign of aspiration for millions. But to be honest, the value of this recognizable construction needs to understand the financial and technical challenges it faced while building.  

This is the construction story behind one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 19th Century. The giant statue of New York – it was a conclude construction project. At the time, the giant undertaking held titles such as the tallest iron structure ever erected. The largest concrete pours ever undertaken and the largest use of copper in a single structure. The Statue of Liberty is conceiving to celebrate the centenary of American independence.

By a psychological French political and anti-slavery activist named Edouard de Laboulaye. He was the one who presents the statue in 1865 to the privilege of both the centennial and the United States’ friendship with France. Five years later in 1870 French Frederic Auguste Bartholdi began designing the statue, a robed female figure representing the Roman goddess Libertas. 


Construction of the Statue of Liberty:

The project announces in 1875. The statue of liberty given the name “Liberty Enlightening the World”. A title she keeps right up into 1924 when she became a National Monument. Officially renamed “The Statue of Liberty”.

While France would finance the statue, the Americans would be responsible for providing a site and construction the huge pedestal upon which the statue would stand. To, finance each element, ambitious fundraising campaigns began on both sides of the Atlantic. While the plan of the statue remains to conclude, Bartholdi began to manufacturing the right arm, bearing the torch, to help gain public support for the project.

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The arm shipped to America and displayed at the Centennial International Exhibition of 1876, the first official World’s Fair. For a fee of 50 cents, visitors could climb a ladder to the balcony. The money raised going directly towards funding the project.

When the exhibition closed, the arms shift to New York where it remains on display in Madison Square Park for six years before being reunited with the rest of the statue in France. In a similar vein, the head and the shoulders were built and become one of the main attractions at the 1878 Paris Universal Expo. While the construction, models of the structure were kept on sale, tickets to view the construction workshop offers and the French government authorized a lottery. At the end of 1879, about 250,000 francs raises. 


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