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Different Classification of Roads and their details.

Based on Materials

There are various types of roads available all over the world. The variety of roads based on many factors like Materials, traffic volume, location, and function, etc. In this article, we discuss the different classification of roads, based on materials and their details.

Bituminous road
Bituminous road

Classification of Roads Based on the materials

Firstly, the Classification of Roads Based on the materials. There are seven types. They are the bituminous roads, Earthen roads, Murrum roads, Gravel roads, concrete roads, WBM roads, and Kankar roads. Moreover, Below the details about these types of materials road.

The bituminous road is a very popular type of road around the world. Most of the countries used this type of road. This is an asphalt concrete road. They are flexible. The thickness of this type of road depends upon the subgrade soil condition. They are low in cost and good for driving.


Earthen roads are laid with soils and they are very cheaper than all other types of roads. This type of road provides for less traffic and the countryside area. A good drainage system should be required. So that it reflects good performance for a longer time.

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Few more types

Murrum is a gravelly lateritic material. Often used to surface minor roads in part of Africa. It obtained from the disintegration of igneous rocks by weathering agencies. 

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Gravel roads are a low-quality road. while comparing the earthen roads this type of road is better. The compacted mixture of gravel and earth used as a pavement.


Concrete Roads are very popular and costlier than all other types of roads. Cement concrete is used to construct the pavements on this type of road.  These roads are not flexible, so they require less maintenance. It is suitable for high traffic areas. The construction time is more.

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The last two types are

WBM- Water Bound Macadam roads having rushed stone aggregate in its base course. The aggregates are spread on the surface and it rolled after sprinkling water. WBM roads provide better performance compared to the other types of roads. They laid as layers of about 10cm thickness of each layer. Also, it is very rough and may disintegrate immediately under traffic.

The Kankar roads are of low quality and performance. It is an impure form of limestone. These roads are provided where lime is available in a reasonable quantity.


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