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Detail of the Wastewater Treatment Process

All around the world, there is a lot of shortage of water so we need to purify and reuse the water by wastewater treatment. By using some purification process the water can be purified.

In which we use alum as a main component for water purification at home.

By boiling water the germs and bacteria reduced and it can be used for portable use. There are basically two types of water first is hard water which is not suitable for drinking having pH more than 7 and the other is soft water having a pH less than 7.

Basically, the PH of pure water is 7 and if the ph is between 0-7 is indicates the water is acidic and if the ph is between 7-14 it indicates the water is basic or alkaline form. In an industrial process, there are some basic steps to purify the water by sedimentation, filtration, screening and coagulation/flocculation. The basic main steps of water treatment are the primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment.

Industrial water treatment plant process:



The coagulation process of water treatment depends on the amount of coagulant present in water.

Sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank is the process of removing the suspended solids present in water.

Filteration process

Fine colloidal suspension products can be removed by the process of filtration because there are two processes of filtration rapid sand filter and slow sand filter.

Disinfection/ Biochemical oxidation

This process is used to remove dissolved and colloidal organic compounds present in water. The chemical compounds used for the disinfection of water are chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone. The most commonly used chemical for water disinfection process is chlorine.

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Objectives of Wastewater Treatment

  • It should be bacteriological safe for the consumer’s health.
  • It should be consumable according to taste, odor, sight, and color. 
  • We need to make up the shortage in some of the quality in water. 
  • Hard water should be treated because it is not good for health and not appropriate for laundry as it does not produce any foam. 

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