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Construction Details of the Septic Tank and Soak Pit

Pros and Cons of septic tank

Construction Details of the Septic Tank and Soak Pit gave in this Article. Firstly, this tank constructs where there is no proper drainage system. secondly, This tank is commonly installed below 5′ to 6′ from the ground level. Moreover, Wastewater coming from sewer Pipes of the house is connected to the tank. Continue reading to know more details about the pros and cons of this tank.

Septic tank and Soak pit Construction Details

 Septic tank Construction Details
Septic tank Construction Details

While constructing a house or building we buy taps, showers, and pipes that are of good quality. But we not giving more importance to construct the proper septic tank. It is more important for the environment and health. Improper design and poor construction practices lead to health problems and environmental hazards. Mostly Adults and Childrens are largely suffering from diarrhea and intestinal related infections.

Moreover, the building plan and construction should follow the building rules in order to complete the construction. Firstly, the toilet seat should be connected to the P-trap that can retain water. Secondly, the tank should not be located in swampy areas where water gets stagnated. The floor and the roof of the septic tank should be built using reinforced concrete. The side walls should be constructed with the bricks.


And the inner sides of the walls should be plastered with water-impermeable materials, to prevent seepage. Commonly it has two chambers on the roof. The standard chamber size is 2’X2′ that should be open from outside. The porous materials such as gravel that allows water to seep. This will affect public health and it pollutes the environment.

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Some more details

minimum dimension of the septic tank
minimum dimension of the septic tank

The minimum width is 2’6″ and depth is 3’5″ below the liquid level and minimum liquid capacity is the 1-meter cube. The length of the septic tank should be 2 to 4 times the width. The outlet of the septic tank should be compulsorily connected to a soak pit. The floor of the soak pit should be filled with porous materials for liquid absorption. However, Distance between the bottom of the soak pit and groundwater level is 6’7″ and more.

The soak pit should be located at a minimum distance of 10′ from the drinking water sources. This will prevent the contamination of drinking water. It should not be constructed at the location which is not accessible for desludging. Moreover, No building structures should be built above the septic tanks. Also, it should be constructed at an accessible location. It helps for an easy desludging.


The size of the septic tank should be constructed proportionally to the number of people in the household. Therefore, It should not be very large, very small, or deep. Sanitation, proper design, and construction of the septic tank. we wanna do desludging once in two to three years. In conclusion, Thank you so much for reading Civil engineering articles from our website. You can also read the previous article named “Most Beautiful House Interior design 3D Drawings”.


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