Civil engineering drawings

Civil Engineering Drawings

Civil Engineering Drawings

Civil engineering drawings are technical civil language drawings that show the information regarding construction buildings and the land with the site details. These civil drawings help us understand the images of construction buildings and a better way of construction. These drawings will help us understand the concept and technical visualization of the actual construction of the structure beforehand.

These drawings provide the information about specific data like work plan, foundation plan, column and plinth beam, and excavation detail to Engineers and workmen at the site to construct as per the drawings. These designs are present in Autocad, STAD PRO, E-tabs, Revit, etc.

Following are the Vital concepts which we need to know before starting a  civil construction project:

Create Drawing:

The layout plan of the building in the drawings represents the boundary of construction and general convincible drawings that the buildings have been cut down, window and door level, and slab level according to the building floor.

Beam, Column and Foundation Detail:

Capacity moments attributed to a top and bottom because the column is the vertical structural member design that carries load mainly in compression. Column carries bending moment as well about more than one axes of the cross-section


Drawings of Water Supply and Drainage connections of building:

The water supply and drainage arrangements in the building are essential for their correct installation, operation, and efficient function.

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Plumbing and sanitary system of pipes fixtures appliances for providing water supply and drainage to the building.

Conventional Signs and Symbol of Civil Engineering:

Conventional signs and symbols of civil engineering drawings areemploy to represent particular item like stone, brick masonry, sanitary fixture, electrical installation.

Section and Elevation plan:

Section plan is a cut cross-section of the building which shows the internal properties of the structure. It assumes as a finished building is cut vertically cross-section.


  • The drawing should be easy to understand for civil engineers and constructors.
  • We should use some important symbols which will showcase the difference between drawings and materials.
  • Define the terms and elements related to maps, dimension and measurement of the project by civil drafting.

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