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Millions of people are roaming around with their degrees and diplomas in Architecture and Civil Engineering, etc. But the opportunity for them in terms of platform and to showcase their talent is less and without experience the can’t even start something of their own and in order to invest they might need some goodwill for which they either have to take a loan or they might have to ask their parents, again which is not a good option. Such a platform is a –

In order to get the most out of their skills, all people need is a platform to showcase their abilities to its best and in order to function accordingly.
It is a platform for imaginative and creative architects who wants to showcase their talent with the help of the latest technology and we will provide them with a platform to reach the target audience all around the world without much inconvenience.

It allows architects to create something that is worth executing and we let them explore their imagination so that as a result they can create something that can solve the problems of the target audience and can create something new for the world to see.

What is is a platform that is open for students, professionals, freelancers and even for the ones who come to us for the purpose of getting an idea. In today’s competitive world the most important thing for a creator or for an artist is a chance to showcase their talent and in return the appraisal they deserve for that particular product.

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It helps people create a profile, interact with creative Cad block designers with the help of whom they can create their own AutoCAD files and they can discuss their ideas and strategies with them in order to get the best results and satisfaction in terms of professional work and functionality.

This platform is easy to use and you can access the files and professional team in just a few steps and the in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD designs, 3d Drawings, Interior designs, Urban designs, and structural details. Students who are just starting to learn about the architecture and want to try their hand in the latest technology involved in the architecture, is the best platform for free they can access and learn from. Categories:

The site consists of various categories with the help of which you can select the area you are most interested in and accordingly you can upload or learn, the categories are as follows:
1. 3D Drawings
2. Cad Architecture
3. Cad Landscaping
4. Cad Machinery
5. Construction CAD Drawing
6. DWG Blocks
7. Electrical CAD
8. Furniture
9. Structural design Analytics:

We have more than 150k files and more than 10M happy users with more than 100K downloads per month with the 900K users visit.


How works and its features:

It works best in just a few simple steps which are as follows:
1. Create a free account– Signup for free and download other professional work for free for personal use.
2. Upload your designs– Upload your designs in the formats of DWG files or AutoCAD 3D models.
3. Start making money– Start earning whenever your file is accepted by and whenever someone downloads it.
4. Create a portfolio of your own with the help of professionals
5. Build professional contacts and grow together with
6. Tap the worldwide market and understand the behavior of your target audience with the help of our feedback features.
7. appreciates the feedback from the users as well as the audience to help us improve and grow accordingly.


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