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Brick Bonds And How Its Work

The arrangements of bricks in construction work that are the joints to brick come over each other. And that provides the proper bond on brick masonry a portion of brick. That bonds the units between together and seals the spaces. It gives the different decorative effects on the wall surface by creating shadow and color lines.

Following common types of brick bonds:


English Bond

One of the commonly utilized variations of brick bond in masonry work. English bond consists of the bond stretchers and alternative vertical header over between. These types of bonds generally used to make thickness walls and strong construction.

Flemish Bond

Flemish bond consists of headers and stretchers alternate in each course. it is sub-divide into two diverse

Single Flemish Bond –A combination of English and Flemish Bond which is on the front side exposes the compose of a Flemish bond wall and the backside expose compose of an English bond.

Double Flemish Bond – this band has the same elevation design of the front and backside.

Header Bond

it s known as a Spanish bond, which are producing and construct the header brick easy to lay bond.

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher band uses half brick to construct for the thickness of the wall. one of the most common popular and simplest bond bricks

These types of brick bond generally use for less thickness wall, rather than stand-alone structure walls. and Stretcher bond is suitable for sleeper wall, division wall, and chimney stacks.

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Diagonal Bond

This bond is best to suit for two to four-wall brick thickness. generally, it’s introduced at every fifth or seventh course along with the height of the wall.

Herringbone Bond

this is one types of decorative pattern bond which is a design zig-zag pattern in each brick of perpendicular to neighboring brick

Garden wall bond

These types of wall bonds are suitable for construction boundary walls and garden walls which may be adopted for one brick thick wall. It is a less or reduced expensive and fastest construction brick bond because of making it in the same pattern.

  • There are two types of garden wall bond design
  • English garden wall bond
  • Flemish garden wall bond

Dutch Bond

The variation of dutch bond and English bind which is different between vertical joint and stretcher in the alternative align. also, this type of bond to construct strong corner the wall which is an object to excess loads. and Its also known as a Sussex Bond.

Rap trap Bond

The rap trap bond masonry construction wall is a modular design. the brick masonry method of laid on edge instead of  conventional horizontal position and thus creating a cavity within the wall

should take care when constructing the wall lengths and heights for a structure of fixing of the opening frame

when the use the word of bond in associating to masonry, there is 3 meaning

  • Structural Bond
  • Pattern Bond
  • Mortar Bond

Brick Bonds and How Its Workit’s tied technique together to masonry which is acts as a single structural unit. The bond is formed to joint mortar to pattern decorate on the wall. can use high mortar of the masonry to reinforcing the wall.


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