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Automated Highway Systems – Overview

Automated Highway Systems

The demand for our over-exhausted highway system is increasing day by day. Traffic is growl, drivers are growling. The Automated Highway System program walked up in reaction to the instruction of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) to “develop an automated highway and vehicle prototype from which future fully automated intelligent vehicle-highway systems can be developed,” will provide the vision and technology to make the highway driving efficient, safe, and foreseeable. 

In an automated highway system, the car will be lead by the road rather than by the driver. Sensors and communication devices will link to the road. And the vehicle to maximize driving performance. Driver error will be reduce and eventually with full execution, removed. 

AHS represents a long-term effort, maybe the most exciting aspect of it is that the technology is ready now. The technology to automate routine driving functions exists and will be exhibit in 1997. 

Automated Highway Systems benefits :

  • Driving safely will be notably greater than at present. The human error factor will get remove. 
  • All drivers who use AHS are safe drivers. AHS offers enhance strength for the people who are disable, the elderly, and less experience drivers. 
  • More vehicles can be lodge on the highway. The number of vehicles per hour per lane can be gradually increased as traffic speeds are systematizing. And increased and headway distances are decreased. 
  • High-performance driving can be conducted without considered weather and environmental conditions. 
Automated Highway Systems
  • Fuel consumptions and discharge can be reduce. In short term, these reductions will be expert because start-and-stop driving will be kept down. Because onboard sensors will be observe to ensure that the vehicle is operating at top performance.  
  • More well-organized commercial operations. The commercial carriage can realize better trip accuracy to support “just-in-time” delivery. 
  • Land can be more efficient. Roads will not need to take up as much room, since AHS facilities should allow for more effective use of the right way. 
  • More efficient movement operations. Transit operation can be automate and expand the flexibility and benefit of the transport option to increase ridership and service. 
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The 1997 Demonstration :

People have been talking seriously about an Automated Highway System of one type or another since the 1950s. Dreamer and Non-material have been predicting for its development even longer. And now, after all that time and all those plans, it’s finally going to happen. We will see the road, rather than the driver, guiding a car. Yes, this will happen in this century. 

In 1997, FHWA’s Automated Highway System program will as per its decreeing instruction, provide proof of the technical practicality of fully automated AHS concepts, technologies, functions, and designs. The automated highway system is no longer a fantastic device for science fiction writers, futurists, and dreamers. The technology exists, and we will see it in the action in just three short years. 


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