Architects versus Engineers: The difference between the two.

Engineering and architecture often go hand on hand as both of the fields focus on the integral to design and construction of structures. Such as buildings and bridges. What Architects do is design the space to meet the client’s needs, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the interior and exterior of the building. On the other hand, the Engineer’s work is to ensure safety and meets all the requirements.

Key areas to focus:

  • Engineers focus on making the building safe and functional by handpicking the materials, determining the structural members of the design, and making sure that the electrical, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems.
  • The common thing between an Engineer or an Architect is that they communicate their ideas with each other is through blueprints or technical drawings.
  • We all know that Civil Engineers help to make buildings, but are you a bit curious about who else might be involved in the process- Other Engineers who are specialized in the different field, Architects, Land Planners, Construction workers, etc.
  • The two main creators of the building are the Architect and the Engineer. Some, of you, might think they are a lot different from each other and you are thinking correctly but they do share a few similarities and let’s discuss them now:


Who is an Engineer?

An engineer is a professional individual who designs and builds the projects for the society and for the individual user as per the nature of the property. Engineers use the Math, Science and various tools and various types of equipment.

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Who is an Architect?

An Architect is a person who develops and create designs for buildings and other structures. So, the role of an Architect and of an Engineer is pretty much similar in nature but they tend to use the different techniques and methods to perform their best as per the standards.

How do an Architect and an Engineer work together?

  • The Architect is more concerned with the look of the structure, whereas the engineer is primarily concerned with the safety and security of the building while focusing on the functionality of the structure.
  • The role of an Engineer is to figure out which material to use and how to ensure the construction process is safe and sound for the workers as well as for the end results.
  • An architect dreams about a plan and design and creates it on the blueprint and an Engineer help him to design it and make sure the availability of all the resources and materials.
  • Basically we can say that an Architect always thinks like an artist who uses creative imagination to create bigger and more elaborate structure while on the other hand an Engineer uses their practical approach to the process and help them execute their plan.
  • The Architect’s plan is called- A Blueprint in the scientific term.
  • A blueprint is an Architect’s building plan and with the help of that plan, he goes oversee the engineers and decides. If this plan is possible in terms of execution. There there are enough resources or materials available to complete this plan as per the plan.
  • There are various types of engineers are there who help according to their expertise and area of interest such as- Elevators, lightning, heating, ventilation, air- conditioning, plumbing and so on.
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  • It requires a lot of hard work and engineering teams to design, construct and finally prepare a building for daily use.
  • The main difference between an engineer and an architect is, the architect focuses on the Artistic front and an engineer focuses on the technical and structural side.

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