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AR Ruler, The Great Mobile App for the Measurements.

It's really amazing app for the measurement

AR Ruler, The great mobile app for the measurements. Now you can measure all types of 3d objects. This app uses augmented reality technology. Now you can tape measure any object in this world by using your smartphone. Read More to know the features which are available in this app.

AR Ruler, The Great Mobile App for the Measurements


AR Ruler is the best Augmented Reality measurement app for Android and Apple mobile devices. This app uses advanced Augmented Reality technology. That helps to tape measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera.

Firstly, the most useful features are available in this app. Moreover, the features are line, height, volume, perimeter, distance, and Angle. It auto-detect the objects. It is very easy to use. This calculates the area and perimeter automatically.


Uses of AR Ruler mobile App

AR Ruler, mobile app
AR Ruler, mobile app

The volume allows you to measure the size of all types of 3D objects. This mobile app even measures cylindrical shapes. Use additional modes to measure volumes with an arbitrary shape base. You can find out the vertical dimensions by using the height tool. Also, you can make the room plan by using this app.

You can easily measure the path distance. The angle tool helps to measure the corners of the 3D plan. It allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, and yard. It also generates plan projection for drawn objects and exports it to PDF format. you can even measure small objects directly on the smartphone’s screen. Download Now.

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